Ethic Code

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Under the company vision of 100-year old company that growth through customers’ satisfaction and happiness to achieve our vision by clear and transparent way; all employees take the lead to reborn as the best company by declaring moral code and executing it.TOVIS ethics code includes :Customer regards, fair competition and trade, protection of interest of share holders, duty for realizing the right path administration of all employees, company’s responsibility for all employees, and company’s responsibility and a role part for society.


Chapter 1 Customer Regard
1-1 Creating value for customers

  1. Continuously create and provide the value that being practical help to customers and customers can be happy and satisfied
  2. Provide by finding the helpful things spontaneously that is needed and helpful for customer’s growth in recognition of that company grows with customer’s growth.

1-2 Regarding customers

  1. Keep promise with customers.
  2. Respond customers’ requested matters rapidly and accurately with delightful mind.

1-3 Protecting customers

  1. Protect and care customer’s property and confidential matters completely by recognizing them as TOVIS’ and mine.
  2. Take steps faithfully so that customers acknowledge adequately precautions involved with safety in using and secure safety of products to protect customers from loss.
  3. Do not harmful behavior to customers by immoral behavior.
Chapter 2 Fair competition and trade
2-1 Observance of competition in good faith

  1. Do well-intentioned competition justly with proficiency and do not take benefit unjustly with drawback and detraction.
  2. Information of marketing and of our competitors should be obtained and utilized justly.
  3. Do not poach or infringe corporeal and immaterial assets-including human resources-of competitors without permission.

2-2 Regarding relevant regulation, industrial principle, and more

  1. Esteem industrial morality, custom, and related regulations of domestic or relevant local and compete in the rightful way.
  2. Relate to international trade; compete fairly without using methods, including bribes.

2-3 Fairness in selection of cooperation enterprises

  1. At times of selecting cooperation enterprises, execute rationally and fairly according to objective and fair screening standard.
  2. Do not exercise any form of peddling unfair demand or influences by using superior position.
  3. For reinforcement of competitiveness of cooperation enterprises, pursue co-prosperity through all possible forms of support.
  4. Do not any unprincipled actions banned by laws and regulations related to fair trade.
Chapter 3 Respect and protection of shareholder’s interest
3-1 Respect for shareholders and protection of interest

  1. To shareholders and the interested parties of company release management content, business content, etc related with company information.
  2. Conduct and report of financial date should comply with financial related regulations.
  3. Do not use internal or other companies’ information, obtained due to work, to deal securities, like buying and selling of shares.
  4. To protect profit of major shareholders, do not infringe minority shareholders’ profit one-sided.
Chapter 4 All employees’ basic ethics
4-1 Maintaining honor and dignity of TOVIS people

  1. One should behave not to lose honor and dignity of individual and TOVIS by not getting off rails from morality and social norm with thought that you are representing TOVIS whenever, whatever.

4-2 Regarding customers

  1. One should know all regulations of company and observe those. A manager has responsibility of managing and supervising those.
  2. Maximize business efficiently by active cooperation and communication between co-workers and departments.
  3. One should predict and manage possible dangers on business on leads. Also, have a sense of responsibility of solving occurred problems.

4-3 Conserving customers

  1. To acknowledge with and realize company’s vision and management ideology one must do one’s best role to carry out.
  2. An administrator should accept vision and management philosophy of the company positively and in carrying out those has responsibility of managing and supervision of subordinates.
  3. For creation of new and better value, always attend business challenging and creative attitude.
  4. Do not neglect one’s self-development to become person coincident to harmony, creation, and spirit.

4-4 Creating sounding and clean business culture.

  1. Do not use every asset of company for personal purpose and always think about company’s benefits first then act.
  2. Do not receive any form of gratitude from the interested parties directly or indirectly and do not committee any similar form of behaviors.
  3. Do not commit behaviors hindering organization’s sound atmosphere or creating trend of mutual distrust within organization by creating or circulating rumors, etc.
  4. Do not do behaviors like creating a sense of incongruity or damaging sound and fair atmosphere within the company by forming faction or personal organization based on ties, regionalism, and kinship.
  5. Supervisors should not give instructions, which are, unfair and not relate to work to subordinators, and should cultivate organization culture, which mutual trust and respect are basics.
  6. Do not use own speech and behavior that would hurt sound comradeship such as sexual harassment or debase on handicap colleagues, etc.
  7. Do not participate in antisocial deed nor do any social or economy activities, which are against public interest.

4-5 Protecting confidentiality of company and intellectual property

  1. Actively participate in the company’s policy for securing improvement suggestion and intellectual property. In case of need to provide those avoidably to third party, then must obtain company’s approval through prescribed channels.
  2. Do not obtain or use outside secret or confidential information illegally.
  3. Do respect other people or companies’ intellectual properties, and do not any behaviors like infringe those nor use unfairly intentionally that would harm company.
  4. Information obtained rightfully for business should be documented in the form of report and stored them as company’s intellectual property.
  5. Do not use company’s information or information obtained in the process of duty unfairly, unjustly.
  6. Information obtained in the process of duty should not be leaked during in the office nor after retirement without company’s approval.
Chapter 5 Regard to employees
5-1 Moral respect

  1. The company shall treat all employees as an independent individual and respect with affection based on mutual trust towards all employees.
  2. For all employees to carry out one’s duty rightful way devise needed measures like harmony of system, education and guide

5-2 Fair treatment

  1. For employees to bring up to be self-regulated, creative and responsible people, provide needed system and support it to be revitalize.
  2. To employees, grant opportunities to improve one’s ability fairly without discriminating on academic clique, sexes, and region.
  3. Through fair and objectives assessment on employees, employees can establish one’s own development will and get fair compensation.

5-3 Guarantee of sound career

  1. The company set up adequate measures for employees’ health and safely in the process of carrying out duties.
  2. Especially, if there is a danger factor then set up separate safety measure.

5-4 Privacy protection

  1. The company shall protect employees’ private life as long as it does not hinder working atmosphere and public morals.
  2. Provide a system where one can express freely sound suggestions, proposals, and troubled matters and create atmosphere.
  3. Do not enforce to do activities for a particular religion or party, and respect individual’s religion and political opinions. The religion, here, means a religion recognized socially, and political opinions limited individually and one shall not carry political activities with the company name nor within the company.
Chapter 6 Responsibility to society and nation
6-1 Develop rational business

  1. Develop business in deference to social values of all related areas, local or foreign.
  2. Do not carry out a business that infringes moral value of society or a business conduct that can harm the national economy or atmosphere.
  3. Business expansion should be considered only when the present company’s stable growth becomes foundation.

6-2 Fair treatment

  1. Give equal opportunities in employment without distinction of education, gender and region.
  2. If possible, try to accommodate requirements of local community and residents.
  3. By reporting and paying all sort of taxes diligently, contribute to national development.
Chapter 7 Observance duty of ethics code
7-1 Employees’ duty

  1. In carrying out one’s duty all employees should practice principle business by understanding one’s role fully familiar with and observe ethics code.
  2. All employees of the company should respect to “Ethnic Committee” quickly when on acknowledges violation facts of other people or in case where the person himself is forced to violate.
  3. All employees should recognize that not knowing ethics code is not helpful for disclamation at all; they should give a question to supervisor or Ethnic Committee if necessary.
  4. All employees should keep the will of fulfillment by submitting written oath about practicing ethics code with own signature.

7-2 Leader’s duty

  1. Leaders over team head position should always set an example to others, and instruct employees to observe policies and business regulations.
  2. Leaders have to establish business procedures for fair trade order establishment. Also, take necessary measures and support, so employees are not affected in making decision by injustice pressure or requests.
  3. Leaders are in duty to be well acquainted with the ethics code and educate, instruct and circulate those within the organization.