Job introducing

Classification Details
R&D Job description - develop TFT-LCD and Touch Panel module major part of smart phone
(constituent unit of LCD module : Panel + LDI + FPC + BLU, constituent unit of Touch : Window + Sensor + IC)
- Perform the job like as developing Panel, BLU(Back Light Unit), a source of light provided in Panel, and designing optics, instrument, circuit, etc.
- developing and designing monitor hardware, LED backlight/ module, LED Driver, Cutting LCD, FPGA/ Firmware
- Preceding technics and patent technology
Qualification university graduated or over / the major in electron, electricity, mechanical engineering affiliation
Purchasing Job description - Perform the job searching new vender to purchase raw materials for producing products and decide purchasing condition and negotiation.
- optimize resources in supply chain through the work such as purchasing contract, ordering material, managing inventory, managing period for paying, managing provision of payment.
Qualification -year university graduated and more / the major in business affiliation, electricity, electronic engineering, industrial engineering
Production Management Job description - the management that from process planning and schedule planning to a chain of producing activities including carrying material, completing works, and shipment. – performing the work of setting producing planning, managing material, process, and outsourcing, and analyzing manufacturing costs.
Qualification 4-year college graduated and over / major in electricity, electron engineering affiliation, industrial engineering affiliation
Quality Management Job description - Establish, maintain, and manage the quality system of corporation. Maintain and manage certified qualification obtained foreignly – manage the quality of parts of cooperative company and maintain the stability of quality of own company’s product.
- give an offer outstanding product to customer for guaranteeing and managing the reliability of developed product
- Performing the job of managing overall product’s quality ; response to service of quality customer service, process quality, and overseas factory quality
Qualification 2-year college graduated and over / major in electronic engineering affiliation(electron, communication, computer), industrial engineering affiliation
Business Innovation Job description - job process establishment and efficiencies. Operate inner system of company and respond to Audit
- Evaluate new enterprise, manage existed enterprise; evaluate cooperative enterprise and operate ERP in efficiency
- improve job process between head office and manufacturing facility, review FPCB Design, develop Artwork
- Eco-friendly respondent job and managing mass-product document
Qualification 4-year university graduated and over / major in natural science and engineering
Domestic selling and marketing Job description - response to management of delivery, quality, costs for major customer management with differentiated strategy of selling and service
- develop new customer, obtain market information and analyzing, project contract, development Event management, shipment of mass production
Qualification 4-year university graduate and over / major in business, natural science and engineering affiliation
Overseas selling and marketing Job description - Overseas new market development, discovering customer, obtaining overseas market information and establishing selling strategy – Introducing new product through exhibition and developing new customer – performing the job which manage A/R, shipment of product and sample, and import & export
Qualification 4-year university graduated and over
Strategic planning Job description - Suggesting company’s vision and a direction of business for achieving the goal, performing the job facilitating the achievement of strategic goal – Contributing creative value of business through performance of business strategy and support business division – Analyzing and reporting for matters and issues, supporting the management, relative dept., for decision making and aiding management of business division with cost, budget, index management
Qualification 4-year university graduated and over /major in business affiliation(management, economic, accounting etc.)
Accounting Job description - Performing the job supporting the solution of business task by providing fast and accurate closing accounts and enhancing the value of business with securement of asset’s soundness – Minimizing the risk of finance(exchanging/interest/liquidity), obtaining and managing efficient financial resource – Performing the exact report for taxes with internal information and managing the review of tax risk to minimize outflow of tax amounts – performing the improvement and management the process for efficient business management of overseas corporation
Qualification 4-year university graduated and over / major in business affiliation(accounting, taxing, management)
Human resources Job description - Having a key part in Recruitment, arrangement, fosterage, assess, compensation, promotion, and retirement and performing the job managing organization fitted on business strategy of the firm – Performing the job setting a system of education/fosterage, developing and managing educational course needed – performing the job contributing accomplish a business goal with offering competitive service, improve a satisfaction of outer/inner customer, leading a culture of organization
Qualification 4-year university graduated and over / major in business, law, industrial psychology