A. Job interview generally progresses twice in total, divided into working-level interview judging applicant’s major and job and behavioral- based interview judging applicant’s value and character.
A. Documentary evidences such as a certificate of graduation , grades, experiences, foreign languages, licenses and etc. when you apply are informed on employment notice.(if not posted, refer to the separate information)
A. Application filled out is able to be modified whenever before final date is due.
A. Yes, all applicants should summit the job application by e-mail. Otherwise, not permitted.
A. As for applicant, 4-year graduated and over, foreign language score can be the important considerable factor to employment Without TOEIC score, any other foreign language score may be the alternatives (for example ; TOEFL,HSK,JPT)
A. As for the document screening, only candidate passed may be informed. All candidates have interviewed get informed with results by e-mail or SMS.
A. Previous experience of applying for employment of Tovis never be disadvantages or problem at all.
A. Work place is one of sites between Anyang, Kyoungki-do and Songdo, Incheon.
A. We have an annual salary and promotion based on applicants’ educational level, job experience, and etc. Our level of annual salary and compensation is on the high level among similar field of business.
A. For now, we do not offer a job as an alternatives to military service.
A. Yes, you may apply for the job with no completion of military duty
A. We offer preferential treatment to those who are war veteran or disabled by law related.