World Best Display Solution Company
Creating the best Value based on human resources and technology
World Best Display Solution Company

We, TOVIS, provide Display that customers dreaming about from TFT-LCD, which is basic unit of Display, to single unit Window Touch Panel, Industrial Monitor, customized TFT-LCD Monitor based on human resources and technology.  TOVIS employees, having creative thinking and passion which is not afraid of changing as behavior indicators, will make growing World Best Display Solution company based on customers, share holders, management and employees and happiness as the best value.

  • Company : TOVIS CO.,LTD
  • CEO : Yong-beom Kim, Hui-Jo Ha
  • Established : 8 SEP, 1998 Capital : US $ 5,589,610.39
  • Shares issued : 12,912,658p
  • Number of Employees : 170
  • Business area : Development, Manufacturing and marketing of small and medium-sized TFT-LCD Modules, Industrial Monitors, ASLCD Monitors, Window all-in-one Touch Panels