Non-Contact Thermometer

Non-Contact Thermometer

The Non-contact Thermometer is a contactless body temperature measurement device using an infrared array sensor.
It is a device that can measure body temperature by dividing a person’s face into 8×8 pixels at a distance of 30 to 45cm. It will be useful in public institutions, kindergartens, schools, government offices, hospitals, etc. as it can be measured and checked by a large number of people without contact.
This device is a second-class medical device that measures body temperature and has been certified by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and has a certificate from the relevant manufacturer and test report.




AI Face recognition and fever detection system

AI Face recognition and fever detection system

AI Face recognition and fever detection system is a face recognition solution developed by AI facial detection algorithm. The system recognizes the face of the operator and accurately measures the surface temperature of the face to within ±0.5°C from 33°C to 42°C at the same time.

When you pre-register your operator’s facial database, you can automatically store and manage measurement records, matching measurement temperature results with real-time measurements.

It recognizes faces with masks and matches data. Therefore, it will be useful in multi-use facilities such as large-scale businesses with a large number of people.

This device is a thermal imaging system that measures surface temperature and has KOLAS calibration report and KC certification.