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World Best Visual & Interface Solution Company that creates the best value based on talent and technology


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Contribute to the World with Technology

It is the most fundamental reason and purpose for which TOVIS exists, and the spirit that is the foundation of its management activities. TOVIS will continue to contribute to society and customers through technology.


Global No.1 Visual & Interface Company

It sets out the goals for sustainable growth and the future that TOVIS pursues. TOVIS will continue to research and develop innovative means and devices for human and machine communication to become a unique company. Human and machine interface enterprise, is our vision and future.

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Core Value

These are principles and standards that must be followed even if the company suffers damage.

It is to know who my customers are, I know why my customers are looking for me, and I am responsible to my customers

  1. The top priority of judgment is customer (satisfaction, impression)
  2. Commitment to the customer, customer satisfaction, etc., shall be judged for the customer or from the customer's point of view
  3. Mutual win-Win by maintaining transparent and social norms in the relationship with the customer(business/judgment)

It is not satisfied with the result (reality) and does its best to get a better result.

  1. Actively implement challenges for improvement and innovation and create a culture that encourages them
  2. Have a sense of problem and show it by asking whether it is the best option to perform the work
  3. Active TFT activities to solve problems, implement improvement proposal activities and create a culture to encourage them
  4. Create a culture that encourages aggressiveness and not fear mistakes and new things when challenged

It is not a simple plan, it is a thorough act and practice.

  1. Do not wait for the conditions to be established, such as business, company policy, and meeting results, to be executed immediately
  2. Do not know when errors are found, such as incorrect practices and work, neglect of company property, and violation of 3J5S
  3. Process formulation after active resolution without procrastinating or noticing when an obscure problem occurs (suggested)
  4. Be an active practitioner

In order to create a happy workplace, all employees perform their work transparently and fairly, and improve relationships and mutual respect through work by clearly adhering to the basics and rules.

  1. Basic rules, appointments, business processes, etc. must be kept and maintained
  2. Compliance with the company's transparency and ethical management
  3. Mutual respect and manners between top and bottom colleagues
  4. In particular, we do not make judgments or business (including transactions)that are involved in relationships such as academic, delayed, or kindred

It is 100% passion and effort, not 99%, to achieve the best results and impress customers.

  1. Do not deliver(provide)defective products or services to customers or to the next level.
  2. People do not create a culture that recognizes work mistakes in advance with the conventional belief that everyone makes mistakes.
  3. Always deliver results beyond the expectations of customers to realize the impression of customers.
  4. Even small things are perfect as best they can with care and care for customers – Detail