Ethical Management

TOVIS grows through customer satisfaction and happiness, We are looking at a new future as a 100-year company.
Through the proclamation and practice of the Code of Ethics, we will realize this in a clean and transparent way.
The TOVIS Code of Ethics is a standard of behavior and value judgment that all employees must comply with in order to grow into a trusted company.

TOVIS Code of Ethics

We will be a trusted company that realizes the dreams of our customers, centered on the criteria of correct behavior and value judgment.

Chapter 1 Customer Respect

1-1 Creating Value for Customers

It continuously creates and provides value that can help customers practical and make them satisfied and happy. With the recognition that we develop with the growth of our customers, we find and provide ourselves with what we need to help our customers grow.

1-2 Customer Respect

Make sure you keep your commitments with your customers.
Customers ' requirements are always answered quickly and accurately and with a pleasant heart.

1-3 Customer Protection

We thoroughly care and protect the property and secrets of our customers with the recognition that they are the same as me and TOVIS.
To ensure the stability of the product so that the customer does not suffer damage, and to ensure that the customer is fully aware of the precautions related to safety in use, we will take measures in good faith.
Don’t do any harm to customers due to immoral acts.

Chapter 2 Fair Competition and Trading

2-1 Competition Compliance in Good Faith

We compete in good faith with our skills, and we do not take profits unjustly through using the weaknesses of our competitors or slander them.
Market information or competitor-related information shall be obtained and duly used in a legitimate way that is not socially condemned.
Do not steal, infringe, or use any of the company's proprietary or intangible assets(including human support).

2-2 Respect of Relevant Laws, Ordinances and Customs

Respect the relevant laws and customs of the country or the region and compete in a legitimate way.
In connection with international commerce, we compete in a fair way without using any fraudulent methods, including bribery, etc.

2-3 Fairness in Supplier Selection

The selection of partners shall be carried out reasonably and fairly in accordance with objective and fair screening standards.
Do not use superior status to exert any form of unjustified coercion or influence.
In order to strengthen the competitiveness of our partners, we seek co-development through all possible forms of support.
We do not conduct unfair acts that are prohibited by the laws related to fair trade.

Chapter 3 Shareholder Respect and Protection of Rights and Interests

3-1 Shareholder Respect and Protection of Rights and Interests

Shareholders as well as stakeholders of the company shall disclose corporate information, such as management and business contents, in good faith in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The processing and reporting of accounting data shall comply with accounting-related regulations.
Do not make transactions on securities, such as the sale of shares, using information from internal or other companies acquired on duty. Do not unilaterally infringe the interests of small shareholders to protect the interests of large shareholders.

Chapter 4 Basic Ethics of Employees

4-1 Maintaining the Honor and Dignity of TOVIS

With the idea of representing TOVIS at any time and anywhere, live so as not to violate morality or social norms and act so as not to lose the honor and dignity of the individual and TOVIS.

4-2 Customer Respect

The manager is responsible for familiarizing and complying with all of the company's regulations and supervising the management of them.
Maximize work efficiency with active cooperation and communication between colleagues and departments.
Have a responsibility to predict, manage, and solve possible risks for your own work.

4-3 Customer Protection

Familiarize yourself with the company's vision and management philosophy and perform your role as best as possible so that it can be realized.
The manager is responsible for positively accepting the company's vision and management philosophy and supervising subordinates in carrying out it.
In order to create new and better values, we always work in a challenging and creative position.
Do not always neglect self-development in order to become a talent that meets prints, creation, and encouragement.

4-4 Create a Healthy and Clean Corporate Culture

We do not use all of the company's property for private use and always think and act in preference to the interests of the company.
Do not receive any form of direct or indirect cases from interested parties and do not engage in any similar form of misconduct.
Do not promote mistrust in the organization, such as the creation and dissemination of wills, or act to undermine the healthy organizational atmosphere.
Do not form factions or private organizations based on academic, delayed, or kindred to create a sense of discomfort in the organization or to harm a sound and fair atmosphere. The senior does not give unreasonable instructions to subordinates that are independent of their work, and creates an organizational culture based on mutual trust and respect.
Do not do anything that harms healthy peer relationships, such as sexual harassment or profanity to people with disabilities. Do not engage in anti-social activities or engage in social and economic activities that are contrary to social interests.

4-5 Protection of Company Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

In the event that it is necessary to actively participate in the Company's policy to secure improvement proposals and intellectual property rights and to provide them unavoidably to a third party, it must obtain the Company's approval through a specified path.
Do not illegally acquire or use external confidential or secret information. Respect the intellectual property rights of others or third parties and do not knowingly infringe them or use them in an unclean way to harm them at the time of conversion The legitimate information acquired in the business must be preserved as a record in the form of a report and be made the intellectual property of the company.
Do not fraudulently or unreasonably use the company's information or information acquired during the performance of its work. Information obtained during the performance of duties shall not be leaked outside without the company's approval during or after retirement from office.

Chapter 5 Respect for Employees

5-1 Personal Respect

The company treats and respects all employees as independent personalities with affection based on mutual trust.
To ensure that all employees can perform their roles in a legitimate way, the necessary measures, such as the establishment of a system and educational guidance, shall be taken.

5-2 Fair Treatment

We support employees to establish and activate the necessary systems to foster autonomous, creative, and responsible talent.
Give employees the opportunity to improve their skills so that they can return fairly without discrimination based on school punishment, gender, and region. Through a fair and objective evaluation of employees, employees establish a commitment to self-development and ensure that fair compensation is achieved.

5-3 Healthy Work Life

The Company shall take appropriate measures to ensure the health of its employees and the safety of their work.
In particular, if there are risk factors, separate safety measures are taken.

5-4 Privacy

The company shall ensure the privacy of its employees as long as it does not interfere with the working environment or the breezy environment.
We have a system to create an atmosphere so that you can freely express healthy suggestions, suggestions, and suggestions.
Do not impose activities for a particular religion or political party and respect the religious and political will of the individual. At this time, religion means a socially recognized religion, and political doctors are limited to individuals and do not engage in political activities in the name of the company or within the company.

Chapter 6 Responsibility to the State and Society

6-1 Rational business development

Develop our business with respect to the social values of all regions at home and abroad.
Do not develop business that is contrary to the ethical values of society or that is detrimental to the national economy or sentiment.
The expansion of the business is considered when the stable growth of the current company is based on it.

6-2 Fair treatment

Give equal employment opportunities to anyone without differentials based on school, gender, and region.
Strive to accommodate the needs of the community and local residents whenever possible.
Various taxes are reported and paid in good faith to contribute to the development of the country.

Chapter 7 Obligations to Comply with the Code of Ethics

7-1 Duties of Employees

All employees fully understand their role in carrying out their work, familiarize themselves with the Code of Ethics, and practice degree management.
All employees of the company shall promptly report to the “Ethics Committee” if they are aware of another person's violation or if they are forced to violate it. All employees shall fully recognize that they are not indemnified for not knowing the Code of Ethics, and should contact the top officer or the “Ethics Committee” in the event of any questions or concerns of violation.
All employees make a commitment to practice by writing and signing a ”Code of Ethics Practice Pledge".

7-2 Duties of the Leader

The leader above the team leader should set an example for the company and lead all employees to comply with policies and business regulations.
The leader shall establish business procedures to establish a fair trading order, and shall take and support the necessary measures to ensure that decisions are not affected by unfair pressure or solicitation by employees.
Leaders are obliged to regularly familiarize themselves with the Code of Ethics and to educate, guide, and disseminate it within the organization.