In order to achieve the best results, the company and its employees work together with the head of the organization to set goals and check the process for the direction and role they need to go, we conduct mutual pre-and mid-term interviews. Through a meeting with the head of the organization, it is a consultation to form mutual sympathy for the direction of the future and to achieve the best results for the organization and the individual.
In addition, the results of each individual evaluation, calculated through fair evaluation, are provided by the organization's directors to improve their capabilities by feedback and coaching the lack and outstanding parts of each individual.

Goal (Interim) Interview
Goal Setting
Performance Evaluation
Result Feedback

Evaluation System

Personnel evaluation of organizational members is conducted through performance and competency evaluation, performance evaluation is conducted in accordance with the Goal Management (MBO) process, and competency evaluation is evaluated on the behavioral ability of each individual.

Rank High Reflection Ratio
Performance Evaluation
Evaluation of visible performance
Competency Assessment
Ability to act among a variety of potential

Compensation System

We conduct an annual salary system to compensate for true performance according to individual abilities and achievements, and we operate a performance pay system according to performance

Annual Salary
Differential application according to personnel evaluation grade each year (cumulative salary)
Management Performance Grade
Performance grade payment according to the achievement of management goals, differential payment according to personal evaluation grade
Profit Sharing
Profit sharing based on exceeding management goals
differential payments based on personal rating
Other Compensation
Soap-based salary paid to top evaluators

Human Resources System


General Position (Job Group: Management, Sales, Marketing, Production)

  • Employee


  • Deputy


  • Chief


  • Deputy Head

    Deputy Head

  • Department Head

    Department Head

  • 담당/실장

    In Charge/
    Deputy Director

Research Position (Job: Research Technology)

  • Employee


  • Principal


  • Senior


  • Responsible


  • Senior


  • 담당/실장


  • Team Member

    Team Member

  • Team Leader

    Team Leader

  • In Charge/Deputy Director

    In Charge/
    Deputy Director