Smart Shelf Display

We provide customers with shopping pleasure by implementing a screen that allows them to attract more information
and attention in a limited space. Due to its high space utilization,
it can be used in various fields such as markets, restaurants, pharmacies, and bookstores.


  1. Low power consumption, excellent readability, wide viewing angle, print quality paper-like display
  2. Applicable in various environments such as mart, convenience store, logistics, medical, smart office, etc.

Supermarket, Retail Store

  1. Product name and price, brief description and image display, and detailed information can be checked via QR Code
  2. Available to provide products recommended to purchase together and function to indicate the availability of purchase


  1. Provide information about the ingredients, usage, precautions, etc. for the drug
  2. Available for promotional purposes for pharmaceutical companies


  1. Available to display the introduction of the restaurant, the recommended menu of the day, the description of the food
  2. Provide information about the entire service provided by the restaurant, such as allergic ingredients