Social Contribution

We want to be a good neighbor who can identify alienated blind spots and fill those needs.

Representative Social Contribution Activities

저소득층 긴급 생계비 지원사업 참고이미지
Point 01

Low-income Emergency Cost-of-living Support Project

As a support project for low-income people who are equivalent to the benefits set out in Article 2 of the National Basic Life Security Act, the elderly and boys live alone. We support neighbors who are struggling, such as girls, with the cost of living and heating supplies needed for housing and living.

Point 02

Small Welfare Facility Support Project

According to the paragraph 4 of Article 2 of the Social Welfare Business Act, we support small welfare facilities, social welfare support groups, a support project for small facilities with less than 10 social welfare employees.

소규모 복지시설 지원사업 참고이미지

Add hope, divide the world so that it can shine again in the world…

The TOVIS Trigger Foundation conducts a project of adding love to the hope that it can happen again to alienated and exhausted neighbors,
and to give a small boon to friends who are enduring the pain of disability.

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