Quality Management

“Customer satisfaction through quality, Global competitiveness through quality"

Quality Policy

TOVIS Co., Ltd. provides timely activities, products and services of all organizations that meet customer requirements and expectations throughout its corporate management activities, and achieves total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of its quality management system.

Deployment of Quality Management
Secure Stable Customer Quality
  1. Defect analysis, improvement point F / B, validation check
  2. Quality cost (Q-Cost, internal, external failure)
  3. Realize customer impression
Complete Development Quality Implementation
  1. Proactive design with FMEA
  2. Optimal high efficiency design based on working method and process loss
Realize Waste-free Manufacturing Quality
  1. Real-time management/inefficiency removal with MES
  2. Fool proof to achieve Zero Defect
  3. Company-wide task activities for manufacturing innovation
Build a Healthy Culture of Quality
  1. TOVIS Value Management, TOVIS Way, 8 Core Values
  2. Compliance and improvement of company-wide quality processes to achieve quality policies and goals
  3. The quality mind of all TOVIS members who want to realize Zero Defect.
No rejects are received, made, or sent to customers!
  • Proactive Prevention of Quality Issues Enhance customer defect detection, Development verification system, Improve field defect
  • Enhance Quality Control Identify competitive partners, Thoroughly manage 5M, Secure customer-required process capabilities
  • Enhance Quality Assurance Achieve zero poor customer shipment accident, Enhance reliability verification (failure cases),
    Enhance 4 new(new equipment, new technology, new material, new method) verification procedures
  • Systematize Processes Create/revise in-house standards, Cultivate quality talent, Simplify standard documentation manuals

TOVIS Certification Status

  • IATF16949 인증서


  • ISO 14001 인증서

    ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001 인증서

    ISO 9001

  • ISO 13485 인증서

    ISO 13485

  • 의료기기 GMP 인증서

    Medical Device GMP

  • AT-100M FDA 긴급승인 인증서

    Thermometer FDA Approved